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Your strategic investment partner

Masharie is a Dubai-based investment management company focusing on mergers and acquisitions through strategic equity partnerships with a diversified and balanced portfolio of assets, delivering sustainable income and long-term value creation to its stakeholders. Masharie is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC.
Since inception in 1998 and with experience, investment and access, Masharie has forged equity partnerships across varied businesses, offering a strong growth potential. Today, the Company operates across a wide variety of sectors like aluminium, metal and lighting industries. Staying abreast with the latest trends and ever-changing market dynamics, Masharie benefits from the robust relationships with other leading private market managers, asset owners, developers, and government bodies to detect opportunities at an early stage.
Deeply rooted in the UAE’s economy, Masharie aims to remain resilient and focuses on deploying highly speciliased capabilities in managing its businesses, constantly assessing new and attractive investment opportunities, growing the value of its investments and monetising at the right time, benefiting the stakeholders and complementing its existing portfolio.
Masharie undertakes first-hand fundamental research to seek out high-quality investment opportunities and following the investment, focuses on active management and engagement to realise returns efficient for investors.
Masharie has set new benchmarks in profitability and success as it steers its portfolio companies to new level of performance and excellence in the coming years.

Message from Chairman

Dubai Investments ventured into private equity business with the launch of Masharie few decades ago. Over the years, Masharie has built its business and reputation as a leading private equity investment company and its diverse portfolio and strong track record is a testament to its success.

Masharie’s core strategy is to look beyond the short-term, visualizing a better tomorrow. The Company focuses on achieving unmatched returns for its investors by making strategic direct investments in companies and sectors with strong growth potential and scope for value contribution.

The strength of Masharie’s business is founded on the Company’s long-held strategy of diversification through direct investments, across many distinct sectors. Given the Company’s excellent track record in investments through business and market cycles, Masharie is well placed to acquire new business ventures with the long-term aim of establishing a robust business environment.

Khalid Bin Kalban
Chairman, Masharie LLC
Vice Chairman and CEO, Dubai Investments PJSC


To deliver superior value & return through investments in strategic, high potential, & well managed businesses in focus sectors & geographies.

To enhance value in all investments through group leverage, financial & operational improvements and exits at the right time to maximize shareholder returns.


To be a preferred partner for accelerated growth & value creation

Message from General Manager

Building the business and enhancing the reputation over the years as a leading private equity investment company with a diverse portfolio, reiterates Masharie’s successful track record in the venture capital market. Over the years, the company has built portfolios adding liquidity to the balance sheet and producing excellent returns, excelling benchmarks.

Masharie is well-positioned to take advantage of attractive opportunities and is focused on committing resources to the sourcing of commercial transactions in areas of growth where the Company believes there is significant potential for the creation of shareholder value.

Masharie is focused on expanding its presence across sectors and geographies as the private equity and M&A play an increasingly important role in the economies, both in the UAE and the region.

As Masharie continues to prosper, the Company’s board and management team remain cautious on the regional and global macro-economic outlook and the potential for continued volatility across the markets. The company places a strong emphasis on risk management and mitigation and employs stringent processes at the corporate level and across the investment teams.

Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani
General Manager
Masharie LLC