Partnerships & Investments

Investment Process

Masharie has established a strong investment track-record, deploying capital in sectors that display robust demand fundamentals and that have been prioritised by governments in the Middle East and across the region. The Company’s investment process outlines the below steps:

  • 1. Preliminary screening
  • 2. Detailed evaluation
  • 3. Investment Committee
  • 4. Terms of partnership
  • 5. Signing of MoU
  • 6. Due diligence
  • 7. Board approval
  • 8. Completion of transaction

Investment Criteria

Masharie is an investment company that offers shareholders and third-party investors exposure to high-potential opportunities in diversified asset classes. The investment criteria’s with Masharie are as outlined as below:

  • Equity partnership
  • Existing companies with profit track record
  • Industrial, trading, services or other sectors
  • Medium-sized or large-scale
  • Preferably based in the United Arab Emirates or in other GCC/ME countries
  • Opportunity for Masharie to be a strategic partner with scope for value addition

Strategic Partnerships

Masharie’s success is based on the impressive track record in managing investments by working alongside the management teams of portfolio companies and focusing on resilient sectors. The highlights of a partnership with Masharie are as outlined below:

  • Win-win relationship
  • Complementary skill sets
  • Facilitating government approvals
  • Rapid growth and strong market positioning
  • Enhanced credibility as a part of the Dubai Investments Group
  • Complete independence in operations and management
  • Marketing and business development support
  • Synergy within the group companies
  • Operational expertise to improve productivity
  • Support for expansion of business
  • Financial engineering to attain optimal financial structuring
  • Access to commercial finance required for operations at competitive rates